Welcome to Chris Describe


This is my online portfolio and hub for links to other content that I have worked on in the past. I  created the website a couple years ago, via WordPress, for some  personal space online, where I display some projects.  The website will also contain a blog for writing content that I personally enjoy, like reviews of technology and various media, and may contain links to more specialized blog content.

My background consists of a Bachelor degree in English from the University of South Florida, obtained in 2014.  Currently, I work as an IT professional, where I provide support for the Windows operating systems, for those who have issues utilizing this system for work tasks.  I also have some general knowledge of programming and computer networking. I believe that gives me a broad understanding of technology in this day and age.  Though, I do not limit myself to that kind of content.

I am interested in projects that can be worked on remotely, as well as those local  here in Florida (at the time of this writing).  Feel free to use the contact form, via the contact page, to get in touch with me.